Incomparable Grants for Students

announces Grants for Students

The has increased the funds directed toward student grant fund and will now the amount will be between $12,000 up to $85,000. The fund is available to all the students maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.
is pleased to offer the Annual Grant 2017 for incoming students. We are committed to ensure the availability of financial support to all students called to learn and develop within our community on merit-basis.

Here’s How It Works:

The document provided by the Department of Education to determine student’s aid eligibility. The Department utilizes a standard formula that takes into consideration your family’s income, number of dependents, assets and the number of other family members as well as applicant’s past academic history and achievement. Once the applications are accepted, applicant will then receive an Application Acceptance letter.

Based on student’s high school Grade Point Average (GPA), applicants are awarded with Grant which will be renewable for four years. The Grant can cover tuition fee from 10% up to 100%, depending upon applicant’s profile.
Grant for International Students The following scholarships will reduce the grant: Academic, Virtuoso, Fine Arts and Foreign Missionary Dependent.

Awarded to first-time incoming students (new and transfer).

The Grant is renewable for up to four years for students with a qualifying GPA. Renewable amount is based on student’s first year academic performance and past academic records. If the Renewable GPA is not achieved, the grant will be reduced to the next lowest cell, if applicable. A student may regain their original grant level once they achieve the required GPA though.
GPA Clarification:

  • If you are a ’s alumni, you will have to have overall 2.8 GPA in your last completed degree at to quality for scholarship.
  • If you have completed a GED, a GPA of 2.0 will be assumed.
  • If you are a transfer student with less than 30 transfer credits your high school GPA will be used. However, if you are a transfer student with more than 29 transfer credits, a combined college GPA will be used.

For more details regarding scholarship, you may contact Scholarship Department at scholarships@ or contact admission counselor available at ’s website.